Rhonda Daniel

Artist Statement:

Art is my rebellion. Having been raised in a conventional family, in a conventional church, in a conventional house, in a conventional city…you get the picture…I’ve taken to smearing, troweling, painting, pasting, the brightest, prettiest colors on any flat surfaces I can find. (And sometimes not so flat.)

I believe in nature. I believe in “live and let live”. I believe in no hard and fast rules for who should act how, who should be what, who should do what, who should go where and when….you get the picture. I like organic, kind, colorful. I like blending, relishing, loving.  All of these are reflected in my art. I want it to be colorful, joyful, warm, welcoming and organic. Encaustic wax, with its luminosity and luscious surface, particularly lends itself to my world view. I lay down the wax, heat it, watch the colors swirl and blend, toss in random items – it reminds me of life. Or life as it should be with the chaos of people, places, things blending into who I am while trying to absorb the randomness of the universe.